Natali Leskova is a designer from StPetesburg who won numerous competitions and projects. Natali created her own brand in 2011 after summer internship at the Domus Academy in Milan. This trip and training in one of the capitals of world fashion in Milan allowed Natalie to understand that all dreams can become reality. Upon return to St. Petersburg, young designer was able to transfer all the knowledge and inspiration into her first clothing collection

The main emphasis is on excellent quality and unbelievable ease of wear. Natali Leskova creates her clothing for energetic, active girls, full of everyday targets, who love to travel, but gladly come back home. So the fashion collection includes sets of clothes for any occasion that can be easily combined with each other for people who appreciate the combination of style and comfort. Mainly fabrics are used: wool, cotton, leather. The hallmark of the Natali Leskova brand is the beautiful views of the St Petersburg, printed on the wet silk and tailored to perfectly fitting skirts, dresses and sweatshirts.


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