4 1 Rules

1. find the most beautiful fashion items and discover your favorites on our platform.

2. set the delivery date and the return date according to your needs.

3. order easily and conveniently online. Shipping and cleaning costs are already included in the price.

4. return the item in its original packaging the next day after the end of the loan period. You will find the return slip in your e-mail inbox.

6. if you are so enthusiastic about the article, you can also buy it online or send us a purchase request.

Additional information:
Make sure that the item is returned in perfect condition to avoid unnecessary charges.
Adhere to the specified delivery and return dates to ensure smooth processing.
Don't forget to rate the returned item and the lender. Your feedback will help other users.
♥ Thank you for using our rental service. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


BD88BF 1 Rules

♥ Flexible loan period
♥ Borrow or buy
Choose the rental period that suits you best to meet your needs. If you can't part with the item, you can buy it.

9 Rules

♥ Free shipping
Less complicated Return shipment
Enjoy the convenience of free shipping directly to your home. Shipping is simple and stress-free, so you can concentrate on the essentials.

10 rules

♥ Free cleaning service
♥ Insurance in the event of damage
Our cleaning service is included so that you always receive the item in perfect condition. We offer insurance for repairable damage.

BD88BF 3 rules

♥ Money-back guarantee
♥ Possibility to cancel/change
We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. If you are not satisfied, please contact us at


Pink and Blue Modern Fashion Banner Rules

Rent out your clothes - receive cash from every order:

1. send us an e-mail with a few photos of your garment to

2. sign the rental agreement
3. print out postal label for shipping
4. put your garment in an old box, stick the label on it and take it to the post office
5. sit back, relax and receive cash in your bank account

You will receive 20% of the rental price for each rental. Payment is made at the end of each month.

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